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Madeka Firmin

Missfit Doll provides you with fun, creative designed earrings that is guaranteed to spark a conversation. These items are designer earrings (ooh la la) made by Makeda Firmin. The most popular earrings here are the "Gr00vy Woerms" which are long fuzzy like earrings with a variety of eyes. Each worm earring was created to have a unique eye shape, making it very hard to find a twin earring! It was made that way to keep the designs lively and embrace the earrings for their diversity and Quirks! It's time for you to embrace your style and become a Missfit Doll today! Check out what these designs have to offer, and claim your furry Gr00vy Woerms before they sell out!

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Tracy Mendoza

My name is Tracy Mendoza, and I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York City. I aspired to be both a muralist and a storyteller. I specialize in colorful, colorful, and imaginative character work. The thought of not being homeless and living on the street is what keeps me up at night.

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Annabell Colon

Hi, Sadfire here! I'm a young artist in the making and with my art I hope to bring more joy to my audience, and hopefully meet other amazing artists as well! if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to chat and say hi, my email is acolon91605@gmail.com and if you wanna see more of my content then

go check out my Instagram: @sadfire_Dayz . Have a wonderful day!