Date: Sunday, February 17, 2019
Mandatory Pre-Judging: Black Box Theatre, 4:00PM
Contest: Black Box Theater, 5:00pm
Cost: Free with FanfaireNYC admission
Prizes: See below
Judges: Michael Maddi and Erin LoCascio
  • Contestants can only enter in one category, Individual or Group. Due to the unpredictable size of groups, a prize for each member cannot be guaranteed.

  • No nudity. No costume is no costume.

  • No profanity allowed on stage. That includes messages on signs or clothes. Anyone who violates this may be disqualified from the competition.

  • No political or religious statement during the catwalk. Anyone who violates this may be disqualified from the competition.

  • Do not use any sort of projectile at all! Nothing must leave your person while you are on the catwalk. Anyone who violates this rule may be disqualified from the competition and may be asked to leave the convention area.

  • No flashpots, explosive devices, or similar special effects are to be used. Anyone who violates this rule may be disqualified from the competition and may be asked to leave the convention area.

  • All prop weapons must conform to the Fanfaire Weapons Policy, which is as follows: No weapons allowed.

  • All online applications must be submitted before Saturday at 6pm, but there will be applications will be available onsite Sunday prior to pre-judging. 

  • To be judged for accuracy a visual reference, preferably a color photo on paper, can be turned in with your application. Electronic media (i.e. CDs) will not be accepted nor will bringing a laptop or video device (i.e.  iPods) to pre-judging. This is not required. However, you may not be eligible for accuracy points if the judges are not familiar enough with your character.

  • All pre-judging will be done before the showing, off-stage.

  • Costumes must be self-contained. 

  • Do not enter or exit the catwalk except at the designated points.

  • Each contestant may only enter one costume into competition.

  • Large elaborate costumes must be handled by the contestant and/or assistants the contestant brings to help. Fanfaire will not be able to provide assistants.

  • Fanfaire contest coordinators reserve the right to make any changes to the contest rules and guidelines if the need arises. Fanfaire staff are not eligible to compete in the competition.

  • All contestants must have a valid Sunday ticket to enter the contest.

  • The costume contest is limited to 25 contestants. Competitors are encouraged to preregister in order to guarantee a spot in the contest.

  • During the pre-judging portion of the event, judges will inspect each costume, inquire as to how they were designed and created, and answer questions contestants may have about the contest. All costumes must be pre-judged in order to be eligible.

  • Costumes from all genres (video game, comic book, anime, movies, television, etc.) are acceptable. Mashups and original designs are also permitted. The majority of your costume must be homemade, although found item costumes and modified items are acceptable.

  • Contestants are encouraged to bring a reference photo of the character they are portraying. The judges may not know the character in question, and this will help their ability to gauge the effectiveness of the costume.

  • Pre-judging will occur on the Lower Level 2 the day of the competition at 4pm. All contestants must arrive by 3pm to check-in, although contestants will not be required to stay in the room for the full pre-judging period.

  • Contestants will be divided into 4 different categories during pre-judging. Contestants will be asked which category they prefer during pre-judging, although judges retain the right to bump a contestant into a higher category if they feel a costume deserves to be recognized at a higher skill level.



SOLO: Ages 13 and older


Percentage of the costume that is handmade

Attention to detail


Overall appearance

Likeness to the character

Maneuverability / functionality

Stage presence

All prizes will come with Acknowledgement Certificate 
Grand Prize: Photoshoot + $175
2nd Place: $75 TD Bank gift card

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