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Would you like to purchase table space or become a sponsor? Learn more on our SUPPORT page!


At Appel Farm Arts Camp we do things differently! For over 55 summers, Appel Farm Arts Camp has sparked the imaginations of thousands of young people ages 7-17 as they interact with artists from around the world. Our inclusive and nurturing community, with no auditions or competition, ignites creativity, kindness & confidence in campers! Combinable 2-week sessions offer families maximum flexibility. Programs in music, theatre, dance, visual arts, photography, video, robotics, recording arts, creative writing, sports, and swimming, along with traditional camp activities like campfires, dances, and carnivals make for an unforgettable summer.


On December 30th 2016, we completed the transition to become a 100% Employee Owned Company. Artist & Craftsman Supply began the journey to become an ESOP in 2009, when 48% of the Company shares were purchased from Founder and President, Larry Adlerstein. In the closing hours of 2016, we arrived at the important milestone of 100% Employee Ownership, and now the journey continues.

With a family of stores and a dedicated crew, Artist & Craftsman Supply is poised to continue our tradition of offering the highest quality service and materials for creative communities, now and into the future.


Showman Fabricates outstanding and innovative projects with skilled, dedicated and enthusiastic employees. We use the best technology while meeting demanding deadlines. Our clients receive value-based, turnkey solutions for Theatre, Television, Live Events, Corporate Environments and more. We serve those who desire the highest quality of showmanship.

Showman is proud to sponsor Fanfaire and help serve the students of Art & Design High School


APPLE : WEST 14th Street Location
Will be providing workshops at Fanfaire.

Exploring Creative Storytelling

Combining literacy and creative skills, students can bring stories to life with digital tools like video and music.

(The focus would be mini-documentaries and adding a music track.  This can be dome with video or stills.)


Elevating Ideas to Action

Students will raise awareness about an issue they care about with projects like creating posters or illustrating story panels.

Requires: iPad Pro and Pencil


Additionally, I have included a Permission Statement for all Minors that will need completion. Please feel free to reach out with any questions. Thank you.

SEV Network

“We stream imagination”™

SEVNETWORK™ is a sci-fi / fantasy geek media platform.   Our content consist of stories, ideas and cultures from all voices Geek. Our content ranges from film, series, tech, shopping, animation, conventions reviews and geek commentary.  Our content also broadcasts on Cable TV reaching over 600,000 subscribed households twice a week, in the 5 boroughs of New York. TimeWarner/Optimum/RCN/VerizonFiOS: 34/67/82/42

Editor in Chief : Michael Michael    Content Producers: Michael Michael and Michael Mazzuca, Harry Baile

The SEV Network : Barbell Barbie, Charles Dixon, Eris Doble, Harry Bailey, Jeff  Myhre, Mariel Rodriguez, Michael Mazzuca, Sonya Woody, Taylor Fenner


You can't escape virtual reality.

That's the promise of VR powered by Microsoft Windows, the software that runs hundreds of millions of PCs and tablets around the world. When Microsoft begins sending out a free update to Windows 10 on Tuesday, it'll power VR headsets as well. It's called "Windows Mixed Reality."

Check out Microsoft's VR booth from 12pm to 4pm Saturday and Sunday!


We hate to brag, but Midtown Comics is the largest retailer of comic books, graphic novels, manga and related collectibles in the U.S. Woot!

Midtown Comics has generously donated swag bags for this event! 1000 lucky attendants will get a free bag when they attend Fanfaire 2018!


The Neal Adams Gallery is subsidizing low cost prints for students. Please speak to Miguel Chavez, PTA President for more details. 

Over 50 pieces of original paintings and artwork now line the walls of Neal Adams’ Continuity Studio/Gallery in the heart of New York City.

If you are in the city and would like a viewing, make an appointment to see the Neal Adams Gallery and have a cup of coffee, cappuccino or cookies and enjoy.

If you have books you would like signed by Neal, make an appointment when Neal is at the gallery and Neal will sign for the same prices he does at conventions.

The Neal Adams Gallery is on:
15 W. 39th Street, 9th floor
New York, N.Y., 10018


Titmouse Flocks to Fanfaire

The Art & Design High School Parent Teacher Association and Titmouse are teaming up to host two (or more) amazing animation workshops at Fanfaire,  The High School of Art & Design (HSAD) inaugural celebration of pop culture.

Fanfaire is a pop culture art festival launching February 24 + 25 from 10am to 6pm at HSAD. Animation enthusiasts are invited to get up and close with the best animator’s from Titmouse’s animation studios. Entry to this family friendly event is free for all Fanfaire ticket holders.
Come and participate in discussions like -
·       Skills necessary for the animation job of your dreams
·       How technology has affected the industry
·       Watch as the artists show you how to draw from Titmouse projects such as: Big Mouth, Rick & Morty, Clash Royale (And etc)
You can even get a chance to show your portfolio and get in depth advice!


Concon is an app that allows users to access information for more than 500 anime, comic, sci-fi, games, and other conventions across North America. The staff at Concon knows how difficult it may be to plan for a convention event and they're here to make it as easy as possible whether you're a con-goer, an artist waiting to book for a spot in the Artist Alley, or a vendor.

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