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hiii I’m aaron I love stars and shapes and mimicking the human body through them ☆ ☆ ☆

Adriana Alvarez 

Hello! I’m an LGBTQ Dominican character designer and animator currently working on an original comic series.  I enjoy collecting and selling stickers of my interests.


WAHOO!!! I'm Richard, an NYC-based artist scribbling away on a daily! You can call me a concept artist, fine artist, or WHATEVER! I'm selling mostly prints but I also have some stickers, too! Super excited to be at Fanfaire with you all!

Zoie Andrades.jpg
Zoie Andrades 

Hello, my name is Zoie Andrades. I like graphic design and cartooning. I am an Etsy seller focused on home decor and stationery goods. My work is inspired by social political issues and things that I like that I think others will like too! Most of the items that I sell can also be personalized so they are unique to each customer. I like to print on various materials like mugs, pillows, greeting cards, canvas, wood, and much more. Stop by my booth to enter a RAFFLE for a Batman canvas print!

Paula Chiriboga

Paula is also an artist selling her art at this year's FanFaireNYC. They are very excited to sell only only her prints, but also her stickers. Make sure to not only visit them but also all the artists selling their art at the event."

Annabell Colon

Hey my fellow peeps! My name is Annabell but I go by Sadfire, and I am ready to showcase my passion of art with the world! I animate but I also do concept art and will be selling stickers along with prints so be sure to check it out! I’m also open for commissions so head over to my website link here to learn more about that!

Makeda FirminFinal_logo copy 2.png
Makeda Firmin

NYC rose me, most high chose me! Now we have Missfit Doll, the official POP- UP Shop, selling earrings and accessories to help unlock your TRUE SUPERIOR YOU. With colorful, and handmade unique creatures and toys, packed with goodness, and ready to be worn for the boldest events(like the supermarket)!

Shop at MISSFITDOLL today, now currently celebrating our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSERY! 

The best part is...You're invited!

Instagram- Drawings_bonding


Nadia Anchundia 

Hi, my name is Nadia and I am a NYC student in High School of Art and Design.

I am an aspiring illustrator and cartoonist. I love to make original work and fanart of the things I love. I love to draw wolves and advocate for their protection. I love to tell stories through my artwork!

I am very excited to be selling pins, stickers and prints at this year's FanFaire NYC!

angelina gallaway-castro.jpeg
Angelina Gallaway-Castro 

my name is angelina gallaway-castro, or just angelina. i'm very happy to be a vendor at fanfaire this year :D My skills include procrastinating, gaming, and being a professional cat liker. My instagram is @kirigirii__ ! I'm trying to post more often.

Chrystal Gayle

Hello I am Chrystal Gayle a Art & Design student with a passion for doing animation. The products I plan to sell at Fanfaire are buttons,pins ,stickers , and hopefully posters.

Li Greenvalentine.jpg
Li Green

Hi I'm Li and I'm an NYC art student and an aspiring illustrator and concept artist. I create lots of original work and characters and hope to create an original comic series soon! I also enjoy creating fanart for different fandoms I enjoy! I'm excited to be selling stickers, prints and more at this year's Fanfare NYC! 


Hi!! Im an Artist in NYC that makes fanart for video games and anime!!

Lia John 

My name is Lia John and I'm a huge fan of both horror and comedic content. My works focus primarily on whatever anime or series has been catching my eye at the moment. I post my art on instagram @neroishe and you can find my other socials and stuff on my carrd:


Hi my name is Kaede! I'm 15 and almost 16. im japanese-american and I sell hand-made/designed stationery on etsy. things like stickers, toploaders, and sticky notes. 


Heyo my name is KC or Kayla and I am an illustrator, Concept Artist. I will be selling a array of prints, stickers and buttons. As well as on spot commissions  and request. My booth will consist of fanart I made as well as original work! My goal is to excite people with my art, and make their day.
Twitter: @Kaysii0w0


My name is KyomaAkuma, I’m writing to confirm my table at Fanfaire 2022 


I am a Content creator who majors in Animation and doubles as a freelance artist on the side! You might know me as Kenji’s Animator or Vox Akumas Thumbnail Artist! :D


Online Alias: pumpkav
Bio: Hello hello!! I'm Lang, an NYC-based doodler who loves selling at cons!! I make hand-drawn video game and anime merchandise with the power of tears and sleep deprivation <3
Other social media: @pumpkav



Suuuuup! Light here, just some average artist trying to have some fun! Who oddly specializes in drawing characters. I'm going to sell what I can, which are prints, sketch cards, stickers, pins (hopefully) and whatever else I could get my hands on! Don't be afraid of asking me to draw something for you, I specialize in that as well. NEGOTIATING PRICES IS A YES!


Heyoo! My name is Luto and I’m Dominican-American. My pronouns are they/she. I am based in NYC and I’m always keeping my artistic view open while showing love for my favorite content! I love adventure filled video games, including some horror! While I am preparing my etsy shop, I am excited to start selling at Fanfaire NYC 2022! I’ll be selling prints and stickers so, please check me out!

Sarah Macghee.jpg
Sarah MacGhee

Hi I'm Sarah, I'm a junior illustration major. I love creating strange little objects and obsessing over characters. I will be selling stickers and frog plushies at fanfaire this year!

Tracy Mendoza 

Tracy Mendoza is my name, and I identify as nonbinary. The majority of my work revolves around the character's team's tale. To showcase my creativity, I create character designs and concept art. I like to assume that each piece of artwork is a chapter in a large book, and that each piece of artwork is a unique chapter, so that when people look at my work, they say to themselves, "Hey, there are a lot of stories being told."

Isabella Michilena 

Hello! My name is Isabella Michilena and I am a student at Art & Design looking forward to selling my work at Fanfaire! I am currently majoring in animation however I sell a variety of work from stickers, prints, and on-spot commissions for people who like my art style! 

A question that I do have is how will the booth be set up and is there anything aside from what I am selling that I should bring? Also, Will I be able to choose a table spot with a partner who is also attending? Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing from you!

Justen Monserrate

Hello, hello, My name is Justen! I’m a Senior Cartoonibg studebt at The High School of Art and Design. I'm into things such as spirituality/beliefs, art, pop culture media, philosohy, and more! One of the many things I've learned over the years as an artist and human is that all it takes is an ounce of creativity, perseverance, persistence, and loyalty to your craft and dreams! I’m able and willing to do just the same for others to help give them the opportunities that I’ve been blessed with so my success can breed more successes. Also yes, this is my real hair. 

Mari,  Marilena Moody 

Hi! I'm Mari or Marilena Moody, and I'm a digital artist and aspiring animator. I'm currently Majoring in animation at the High School of Art and Design and I'm excited to attend FanfaireNYC this year!

I'm planning to sell a few keychains and stickers with Original characters (OC's) on them, small prints with OC's, some animal stickers, and a little bit of fanart from fandoms like sonic!

Ella Moulton

My name is Ella  im a cosplayer and artist.i mostly draw fan art for anime and manga and will be selling buttons as well as prints at my booth at fan faire 2022! Please feel free to ask me any questions at my booth 

Shiva Parrales

Hi, I’m Shiva and I overthink everything, except for when I’m making art, then I don’t think at all!!!


Hello! My name is Rose, and I’m a cartooning student at Art and Design high school. I’m a fan artist, and I also love to draw original characters as well. What I’ll be selling are charms and prints, and maybe some stickers too. Hope to see you at Fanfaire!

Alistair Segan 

My name is Alistair Segan. I study animation at the high school of art and design, and in my free time I love to draw my favorite characters and my own designs. At Fanfaire 2022 I'll be selling stickers of cartoon, videogame, and comic characters. I'll also be in cosplay! 


Hey! My name’s Seth, a fledgling animator and someone with a passion for art and games. I’m excited to participate in Fanfaire this year and hope to see you there!


Hello! I'm Sin :) I'm a freelance illustrator and graphic design student at Art and Design HS. While I enjoy creating fine art and professional work occasionally, what I really love the most is participating in fandom and just making works that relate to media I love or personal projects. I plan to sell works related to popular fandoms that people can recognize and hopefully engage and bond around a mutual interest. 

Dayanara Soriano Original Stickers.JPG
Dayanara Soriano

My name is Dayanara Soriano and I am a Senior at Art and Design High school and plan on selling original art, stickers and keychains at Fanfare this year! I like creating art based on my interests and intend to connect with people through my art. 


I will be selling bubble tea stickers/ Keychains along with other original design stickers.

Tommy Susman

Hi I’m Tommy, I am a traditional and Digital art student and 2022. Fanfaire is the first time I am displaying and selling my art. You can find more of my work on my instagram 


Hi! I’m Tess, I’m an LGBTQ artist and I enjoy making and selling art from what I’m interested in so I hope you enjoy my work! Check me out on Instagram at Tessdoesarts.


Hey! My name is Terry, and I sell my earrings along with other jewelry, stickers, drawings and the like! I also take personal commissions for drawings, linoleum ink prints, short animations, stamps, character reference sheets, hand-bound journals and sketchbooks, and so on. You can find me elsewhere at my personal Instagram art account @_terra.misu_ or my professional gmail, a project I am hoping to have the resources to launch soon.

Kaelyn Torres.jpg
Kaelyn Torres 

My name is Kaelyn Torres, I’m primarily a digital artist from Queens who’s hoping to sell my personal and fan artwork. I’ll be selling posters and mini-prints from various shows and video-games like the Owl house, Amphibia, Deltarune, and as well as some others!

IG: @boomerdangs 


Hello! I’m Xochitl a digital artist, I’ll be selling fan inspired stickers, charms, and art prints! From both anime and games! So if you’re interested please come by! 

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