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A Dungeons & Dragons Interactive Game

You came here to play, or you came here to die?!

Join us on Saturday & Sunday, Feb 8 & 9th with Art & Design alumni and Dungeon Master, Adrian.

All players will have to traverse the Tower of Skellos Unusual Monstrosities, a dungeon of fantasy and DungeonBorn.  Within the tower are 13 rooms holding  some unspeakable horror, which the heroes most overcome to reach the 13th chamber and claim mastery of the tower.


There will be two concurrent dungeon crawls, each with different DM's and they each bring their favorite monsters and scenarios. So players can choose which crawl they wish to participate in.

This event will be held in Classrooms 1 + 2

Don't forget to attend our "How to be a Dungeon Master workshop on Saturday at 2:30pm

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