We are bringing you Fabulous Fantasy Fun

Friday, May 21st

Saturday, May 22nd

Sunday, May 23rd




You came here to play, or you came here to die?!

There will be 5 dungeon crawls over the course of the weekend,
each with different DM's and they each bring their favorite monsters and scenarios.

Players can choose which crawl they wish to participate in.




Each campaign has their particular flavor - please read the descriptions.
What they all have in common are the basics:

  • These are rated PG-13. Fantasy battle is expected.

  • You're committing to a long multi-hour event. Be prepared.

  • Don't distract by eating or interrupting others.

  • The DM's can accommodate beginner and advanced players.

  • There will be a restroom break.

Be a good sport and a good team player
and everyone will have fun!


Click on their photos for their bios!

Stefan Pokorny's

Dwarven Forge D&D Game


The game that changed games: Dungeons and Dragons was created around 1972 and from humble beginnings, it took the world by storm! Experience points, levels, characters(avatars) group dynamics, storytelling, imaginations gone wild...many of the multi-million dollar video games so popular today owe their origins to that game which started as a few hundred box sets packaged together in the basement of a shoe cobbler and insurance underwriter named Gary Gygax. Although D&D is now in its 5th edition (or version) I shall guide you through its original incarnation, the FIRST edition as you will.

May good fortune follow your dice rolls, and may you have the insight and cleverness to survive. Bring your imagination and let’s have some fun! I encourage you to dress up, you will be on a live stream of this campaign, for all the public to see! Get your acting chops up, work on swinging that sword and let's play!

Sunday, May 23 (Broadcast Live) 

  • Time: 6-10 pm (Immediately after the end of Fanfaire Livestream)

  • Campaign length: 4 hours

Choose your role:

This campaign is unique in that there are SIX slots and you are purchasing the character you wish to play as!

  • Thief (1x)

  • Magic-user (1x)

  • Cleric (1x)

  • Fighter (3x)


  • A link will be sent for participation in the game after your ticket purchase.

  • This game will be broadcast to the public LIVE!

  • You must have standard D&D dice: polyhedron d6, d4, d8, d10, d12, d20...pencil, paper, (You can use a rolling app)

  • Stefan will use miniatures to represent the players (a cleric, magic-user, thief, and 3 fighters)

  • Role-playing and costumes are encouraged, DRESS UP!

D&D with Max Lerner of Retro Kingdom

Explore the jungles, ruins, and mysteries of the lost continent of Chult in this expansive 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons worldbuilding adventure! This campaign will occur THREE times - every night of FanfaireNYC!  Join the legions of adventurers who have come before you and become part of history of this home-brewed quest for the preservation of the material plane!

Friday, May 21 (Discord)

  • Time: 7-11 pm

  • Campaign length: 4 hours

Saturday, May 22 (Discord)

  • Time: 6-10 pm

  • Campaign length: 4 hours

Sunday, May 23 (Discord)

  • Time: 6-10 pm

  • Campaign length: 4 hours


  • A private link will be sent for participation in the game on Discord after your ticket purchase

D&D with Ken Hart


“The Empty Forest”-- The forest is quiet. Strangely quiet. No wolves, no bears, not even a bird. Where have they all gone? What danger hides deep within the woods? A D&D adventure for 2nd-level characters! Characters will be provided, or feel free to bring your own 2nd-level PC.”

Friday, May 21 (Discord)

  • Time: 7-11 pm

  • Campaign length: 4 hours


  • A private link will be sent for participation in the game on Discord after your ticket purchase

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