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Why Pick Blick?

At Blick, we’re committed to delivering the very best experience for our customers — the best prices, the best service, the best selection, the best availability, and the best knowledge. We call this The Blick Advantage.

Blick's Mission

At Blick Art Materials, our family owners and dedicated staff support the Visual Art Community by providing the widest selection of art supplies at the lowest prices. With extraordinary service and integrity, we strive to provide artists, educators, students, and our employees with the tools, assistance, and training they need to grow, innovate, and reach their creative potential.


Artist & Craftsman Supply is an employee-owned company featuring a comprehensive selection of art materials for professionals, students, and kids, as well as crafting supplies, toys & fun stuff!  We work to support and enhance art education in our community, and have locations in Long Island City, Brooklyn, and online at  With a family of stores and a dedicated crew, Artist & Craftsman Supply offers the highest quality service and materials for creative communities, now and into the future.


At Appel Farm Arts Camp we do things differently! For over 55 summers, Appel Farm Arts Camp has sparked the imaginations of thousands of young people ages 7-17 as they interact with artists from around the world. Our inclusive and nurturing community, with no auditions or competition, ignites creativity, kindness & confidence in campers! Combinable 2-week sessions offer families maximum flexibility. Programs in music, theatre, dance, visual arts, photography, video, robotics, recording arts, creative writing, sports, and swimming, along with traditional camp activities like campfires, dances, and carnivals make for an unforgettable summer.


We hate to brag, but Midtown Comics is the largest retailer of comic books, graphic novels, manga and related collectibles in the U.S. Woot!

Midtown Comics has generously donated swag bags for this event! 1000 lucky attendants will get a free bag when they attend Fanfaire 2020!



Retro Kingdom is a brick and mortar Branch of Tozai Exports located in New York City's Manhattan. We work hard to stop the crazy train of runaway inflation and pride ourselves on offering classic video games & systems for real prices. Shop with confidence knowing you're getting cleaned, tested and genuine imports for a cost that will let you walk away with an armfuls of carts without having to sell an arm and a leg to do so.


The Kubert School offers students a high quality and challenging education in Cartooning and Graphic Art. We are committed to investing our time in preparing our students for the rewarding and exciting careers and opportunities ahead of them. 

The Kubert School is located in Dover, NJ.


Over 50 pieces of original paintings and artwork now line the walls of Neal Adams’ Continuity Studio/Gallery in the heart of New York City.

If you are in the city and would like a viewing, make an appointment to see the Neal Adams Gallery and have a cup of coffee, cappuccino or cookies and enjoy.

If you have books you would like signed by Neal, make an appointment when Neal is at the gallery and Neal will sign for the same prices he does at conventions.

The Neal Adams Gallery is on:
15 W. 39th Street, 9th floor
New York, N.Y., 10018


GEEKCASTER® is a platform and a cable tv show that covers and promotes everything geek media and geek culture. Our content is made up of sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, tech, cosplay, toys and building awareness of unique emerging brands. Distributed by means of cable TV, live streams, social media and a podcast.  GEEKCASTER® was created by Michael Michael for The Michael Michael Company.  "I want to unite fans of geek content, promote creative entrepreneurs and have fun doing it"  - Michael Michael.

UpcomingCons is the largest, most complete list of fan conventions anywhere. Our combined list of anime conventions, sci-fi cons, comic cons, and others is the best way to discover new, geeky conventions in your area. We also have several guides for organizers and attendees. Our technology is unbeatable, and our search engine lets you search for cons within 75 miles of your hometown. We have brought together original reporting, full convention listings, and massive picture galleries for pop culture events since early 2009.



For 2 decades, we’ve helped companies use technology to advance their businesses.

Our partners rely on us to deliver innovation – from ideation & engineering to the deployment of tools, platforms & entire integrated digital ecosystems.

Elephant Ventures will be providing a hololens experience. 


The Art & Design Alumni Association (A&DAA) provides a vital link between the alumni and the high school.

Our purpose is to help the students of the High School of Art and Design
• with scholarship awards at graduation
• sponsor student art competitions and student activities
• offer career guidance by arranging for alumni to come to classes
to speak about their work and careers
• help with portfolio grading at the end of the school year
• to set up mentoring programs
• encourage the donation of goods and services to the school.

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